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Just flavour – We leave the sweetening up to you

Flavour Nation flavouring is an absolute winner in baked goodies, icings and other confectionery creations. Why? Well, because it thrives in the presence of sweetness. Our flavouring product delivers just flavour with no added sweetness, preservatives, or calories. It is not sweet, or syrupy which means we leave the sweetening up to you based on your healthy and dietary requirements. Getting the most out of your flavouring means adding it to a mixture that is either already sweetened (e.g. sweetened vanilla yoghurt, soda drinks, sweetened instant puddings, jelly, ice-cream, meal-replacement shakes), or that you are adding sweetness to yourself with the use of sugar, xylitol, or Flavour Nation sugar-free liquid sweetener (e.g. baking batter, icing, coffee, tea).

Lifestyle friendly flavouring
Quality-focused sugar free flavouring
No preservatives
No colourants
No stabilisers
No sugar
No carbs
No vegetable oil
Type of flavouring
Nature identical flavouring
Propylene glycol
Ethyl diglycol
Ethyl maltol
How many drops of flavour do I use?
Add 5 – 15 drops of flavouring per cup/250 ml of whatever food or beverage you’re making.

Flavour your creative heart out!

Flavour low-cal puds with strawberry-kiwi flavouring
Add strawberry-kiwi flavour to regular vanilla or plain yoghurt. Oh-so-yummy!
Strawberry-kiwi flavoured tea anyone?
Make your own strawberry-kiwi jelly
Jazz up sparkling water
Give plain vanilla or coconut ice-cream a little strawberry-kiwi oomph
Add a strawberry-kiwi flavour punch to breakfast oats without adding calories
Make your own strawberry-kiwi ice-tea