Silver Leaf


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Silver Leaf is non-toxic, 14x14cm size and 3 sheets per pack.

Use in a wide variety of ways to create a unique look everytime.

Dramatic effects can be created by covering all the layered tiers with the gold leaf or in a more subtle way by adding strokes or splashes across your cake.

Use on any confectionery such as fondant, buttercream, chocolate, royal icing etc. Desserts can be enhanced beautifully by adding a touch of gold leaf too.

What is Silver Leaf?
Gold leaf is a gold product that can be used to decorate food. In candy-making it is often used to cover whole candies like chocolates or truffles, or applied sparingly as a small decorative touch. It is also used in other dessert decorations, from a few speckles on top of a cupcake to covering an entire cake with gold leaf.